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Raj Surendran

Working Together to Solve Your Financial Goals

Raj Surendran has been helping people with their financial well-being since his start in the financial industry in 1999. With a sound commitment to client education and relationship building, Raj has had the opportunity to work with, and help, many clients-individual & small business- through his tenure. They’ve seen the value of associating with a 15 plus year veteran getting sound investment advice and receiving hands-on service as a valued client.

Raj has been involved with many aspects when it comes to investing for individuals and small businesses. He is an accomplished speaker and has facilitated many financial management workshops, educating thousands of people about the opportunities, as well as the common mistakes and pitfalls, inherent in the investment/financial arena.

Raj has extensive experience with Social Security claiming. He has a unique insight and education for finding the best time to claim Social Security and has helped many near retirees and retirees with this most important financial decision.

Raj’s approach to investing is fairly simple. It is to match the prospective client’s risk tolerance, time horizon, and specific financial goals with the most similar, overlaying, investment/financial strategy. Full disclosure and asking questions are both important elements in each of Raj’s meetings. His ability to take a very complicated subject and relate it in everyday language enables the investor to really appreciate and understand the benefits of their specific financial plan.

When it comes to financial management, no individual or business wants to feel forced into a cookie cutter type of investment environment. You want to work with a professional who will take the time to understand how you feel about your specific financial situation, what your goals are and where you want to be in five, ten or even twenty years down the road. Raj also believes in the power of being independent. Because Raj doesn’t handle any proprietary financial products, he can be unbiased when recommending specific investments for your benefit. Asset Allocation of investments is at the core of our risk reward valuation for our investors. Our goal is to fit current financial opportunities to individuals and businesses, not the other way around. Raj uses various insurance strategies to potentially hedge against market volatility.

We are local, personable, and independent. Raj’s office is located at 1230 E. Diehl Road., Suite 106 Naperville, IL. He graduated With an MBA degree in 1992 from the University of Baltimore, in Maryland. Raj understands that he is in business to serve and educate you for your specific investment/financial needs. He believes trust is built with one client at a time. Raj has been married to his wife Alissa for over 17 years. They have two children Jaden (10) and Talia (6) and lives in Westchester, IL. You may often meet him volunteering his time with various organizations in the community. Raj is an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR), MBA with Quest Wealth Management.

As financial advisors, we see it as our responsibility to help our clients make the strongest financial decisions for themselves and their loved ones. At Quest Wealth Management we work hard to bring our clients the financial solutions that are designed to help them achieve security and peace of mind in retirement.

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